The mutual aid network is a network of community volunteers working to support one another, friends, family, and neighbors to meet each other's basic survival needs at this critical time. It is a system of community to community support and organization for resource sharing, information dissemination, and resilience-building. The Santa Fe Mutual Aid Network is a grassroots-led effort with organizing and coordination support from Earth Care YUCCA/Poder Familiar, Red Nation, the Democratic Socialists of America - Santa Fe, and Fathers New Mexico. 


The Network connects is a resource-sharing system through which community members can offer resources to and request support from others. Neighbors are delivering groceries, preparing food boxes, making wellness calls, distributing information, contributing funds, and 


  • 747 folks have joined the network and are actively sharing resources.

  • A team of 21 members have completed intake interviews with every new member of the network as well as hundreds of wellness checks with members.

  • 500+ members throughout the region (including San Miguel and Rio Arriba Counties) have made a needs request - from food assistance to help picking up medication to bill assistance and had it met through the network.

  • A total of 183 weekly grocery runs have been completed with mutual aid support.

  • 618 households have received financial assistance for a total of $99,500.

  • Neighbors have contributed $103,000 in funds to date.

  • An additional $87,500 have been distributed to 127 families through #sharemycheck with another $15,000 pledged from community members who are sharing their stimulus funds through the program.


Together we are building resilience, community solidarity, and  grassroots organization which equals power.


This is critical as this pandemic exposes all that is wrong with our current system. 


We are working together RIGHT NOW! to redistribute and share resources, take responsibility for caring for one another and change political conditions so that nobody is left behind. This is an opportunity to reimagine and reconstruct our economy, our health care system, and our political reality. 

We prioritize the needs of our community members affected by structural racism, colonization, xenophobia, classism, sexism,  heterosexism, and transphobia.​


By offering what we can and supporting the needs of our fellow community members (through grocery runs & other food distribution, wellness checks, bill support, mask-making, #sharemycheck contributions, information-sharing, and neighborhood organizing) we are building a network of support to address the gaping cracks our current systems creates that our people have been and are currently falling through. The relationships of solidarity and care that we are building is beautiful and necessary and can repair some of the separation and pain created by individualism and capitalism. But in order to address these issues at their root cause, we have to seize this opportunity to change society. 

Through grassroots organizing and people to people connection we are building political power to make sure that the lessons of this moment do not go unheeded and that we move beyond charity and social service to economic, social, and environmental justice.



This grassroots network has many branches through which members of our community are supporting one another and distributing resources.

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Provide grocery runs, childcare, housing, emotional/spiritual support, or whatever else you can think of to your neighbors.


Help distribute flyers with essential resources and information for how your neighbors can join the network and offer/receive support. 


Help prepare food boxes,  make mini food pantries for neighborhoods, volunteer at food pantries.


Contribute, call for donations, call to thank neighbors who have contributed, #ShareMyCheck


Santa Fe Mutual Aid, along with coordinating organizations Earth Care/YUCCA/Poder Familiar, DSA-SF, SF Dreamers Project, Communities in Schools, and Fathers New Mexico, is launching #ShareMyCheck, a campaign to encourage as many people as possible to redistribute all of, or part of, their stimulus check to a fund set up to redistribute these checks directly to those who won't be receiving a check. This fund is part of a network of rapid response mutual-aid funds and long-term grassroots movement building organizations under the umbrella of Santa Fe Mutual Aid.

Joining this effort means being part of a commitment to wealth redistribution.


While millions of people have received their (multiple) stimulus checks from the federal government, many will remain unemployed, uninsured, and unsheltered while COVID-19 continues to spread. A one-time payment is unlikely to make it or break it for folks w/ stable income and those who come from generational wealth. But it can mean the difference between survival and desperation for millions of others who won't be getting a check at all.


Those who aren't receiving a check are many of the hardest hit by this crisis. Pledge to #ShareMyCheck with SFMutualAid and join the campaign to ensure that we all have enough to make it through this crisis.

As of March 2021, 109 individuals & families have received a total of $108,000 of #ShareMyCheck funds!



Click below to see a full list of resources - find out where you can find free food, childcare resources, unemployment rent assistance, etc.



Get grocery funds, Free food boxes T, TH, SA for all residents in need - school meals throughout the week at locations throughout the City. Learn more.



Homeschool resources and hands on activities for children of all ages.


Childcare support is available including compensation for family and friends who are stepping up as childcare providers. Learn more.


You are protected against evictions and utility shut-offs at this time. To learn more about how to protect yourself and get assistance visit our resources page.